Texume allows access to the greatest Finance, Accounting & Legal professionals and employers in the state of Texas. Subscribers can set their preferences to the specific salary range, hours of work a week and culture they are looking for. Texume is run by a Texan and a CPA. The goal is to create greater transparency and ease in the hiring process between companies, recruiters and candidates. Texume will sort qualifications with companies that are looking to hire someone with your specific qualifications. That way a Manager at a big 4 public accounting firm doesn't receive emails about a company needing an A/P clerk.

Membership in Texume is a FREE 2 step process, that takes less than 30 seconds.

How it Works:

Emails will only be sent to candidates when they meet both company and candidate minimum expectations.


Companies that use Texume MUST provide:
    Reasonable salary range
    Detailed description of company benefits (health insurance, 401-K match, Hawaiian Shirt Fridays etc...)
    Average hours during work week

Texume charges employers 15% for positions where a candidate is successfully placed.

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